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About Us: The Regular Joes Behind The Forks

Adam Anderson

Adam TheBigFork hatched in Adam's overactive imagination in early 2007. About 5 minutes later he started writing the code, and about a month later...walah! TheBigFork is born! Adam is a coding wiz and a semi-professional bbq'er. He also plays a mean jaw harp. Follow him: @adamtao.

Kenton Smith

Kenton Kenton is the design and brand guru of TheBigFork. He keeps things looking good. He is also a big fan of food. (No Kenton, I am not calling you fat.) Kenton maintains an excellent feed at @yourartdirector.

Sam Anderson

Sam Sam is in charge of business development, marketing, sales, janitorial, and sarcastic email writing. Sam has worked in marketing for the past 687 years, and feels he is starting to get good at it. He isn't, but we didn't want to kick him out of the band. Sam tweets at @soysaucesam and runs an insightful guitarist blog at thefretwire.com.